Ms Marie: FBH Therapist

Ms Marie: FBH Therapist

  • Posted by DRP
  • On May 1, 2017

Ms Marie





Ms. Marie has been an Integrative Therapist with Family Behavioral Health since 2014 and Enjoys Individual, Family, Play and Group Therapy Treatment Modalities.  


Integrative Therapy means Ms. Marie uses top-notch therapy skills along with medical professional care awareness for her Psychiatric patients' needs. She collaborates with Dr. Parvin in making sure their patient care is top-notch i.e. safe, evidence based and service oriented. The patient is always in the center of her care making sure she is respecting the patient's coping skill developmental needs and personal growth.  She understands that at FBH we make sure to help patients understand their Age and Stage of Development needs and support them in the therapy work as well as elicit feed back in the nurturing pathway of their healing process.


We use the highest level of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy created by Dr. Aaron Beck which is modular CBT. Our approach is evidence based and requires Excellent Therapists like Ms. Marie to know what important therapy techniques she needs to use with her patients, as well as what medications they are taking (if they do take medications) as well as knowing the psychiatric medical and non-psychiatric medical problems the patient is experiencing.


What we follow here is the Patch Adams Style of treatment which includes laughter and sometimes singing Karaoke songs or viewing art and always focusing on the humanistic needs of our patients and their loved ones. Ms Marie respects their Biological, Psychological,  Social and  Spiritual treatment paradigms when appropriate. She uses cutting edge science supported treatment techniques along side top-notch mindfull meditation and relaxation coping skills when the patient is ready for them. Mindfulness helps give patients that space they need when things are just dizzy busy and overwhelming. 



Ms. Marie accepts child, adolescent and adult patients

in her clinical care schedule.

You can always ask for Ms. Marie specifically when


Ms. Marie believes it is an honor and privilege

to serve her patients and their loved ones.