Happy Anniversary FBH

Happy Anniversary FBH

  • Posted by DRP
  • On September 20, 2016

We Believe in Wellbeing &

The FBH Modified Patch Adams Approach


to Behavioral Health i.e. an

Inspirational Joyful Laughter 

Empowerment Treatment Paradigm of Individuals

& a Patient Centered Form of Healing.

FBH is 9 Years Old in 2016!

First design Dr. Purvin made for FBH

CROP VERSION FINALNewLocationMeditation garden



2.27.2016 Jonathan Toews Chicago Blackhawks Captain Charity Event Misericordia Heart of Mercy



2.27.2016 Jonathan Toews Chicago Blackhawks Captain Charity Event Misericordia Heart of Mercy



At Family Behavioral Health, our team of experts understands how complicated and sensitive it can be to have behavioral health needs. We believe in providing complete multimodal care and do our best to help you on your journey to feeling better and restoring your behavioral health and functional status biologically, psychologically and socially.

Our providers believe it's important to be aware of cutting edge scientific research in behavioral health, mindfulness, psychodynamic therapy and focusing on proven cognitive behavioral therapy treatments. We believe you deserve the whole package in your healing process! 

Our team is  dedicated to and your family's behavioral health needs.  We are specialized in the treatment of  * ADHD * Autism/Aspergers * Bipolar Disorders * Depressive Disorders * Anxiety disorders * Mood Disorders * Adjustment Disorders and Genetic Testing of Medications i.e. No More Trial and Errors! 

We can order diagnostic laboratory tests, prescribe medications, provide psychotherapy, evaluate and treat psychological and interpersonal problems, give continuing care for psychiatric & psychological/family/socialy/couples problems and advocate for school plans e.g. 504 Plans/IEP (Individualzed Educational Plans).

We are located in the South West Suburbs of Chicago Illinois i.e. North Plainfield. We provide Child, Adolescent and Adult psychiatric care as well as integrative psychological counseling, play therapy and group therapy.






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