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Dr. Parvin Interviewed

Chicago Tribune March 2009

Recession hits kids sports:

Out-of-work parents pressed for big fees: Paying for summer basketball on the installment plan

By John Keilman |Tribune reporter Interviewed Dr. Parvin For this Article

March 27, 2009n

Dr. Parvin Offers Community Advice after NIU Shootings

Newspaper Articles Dr. Parvin Offers Families Advice After NIU Shootings. Published February 2008 in the Naperville Sun

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Article Published in the Naperville Family July 28th, 2008 By Jessica Young who interviewed Dr. Parvin on Children Going Back to School & How it affects the Sibling Staying Home. 

Article Published in the Naperville Family Published on 10/31/2008 By Ann McArthur who interviewed Dr. Parvin on College Kids Coming Back Home From School For The Winter & How To Keep The Relationships Healthy.